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Height: 4 2/4"
Width: 4"
Depth:  1 3/4"


Please Note:  The price is notably higher on this piece because the milagros were more expensive - especially the large sacred heart in the centre, and the fancy elephant.




Milagro translates as "miracle," and these little treasures from Michoacan are rooted in Catholocism, but are collected worldwide by people from various faiths for their magical and cultural appeal.  The hears are often crowned with a flame, to represent the Sacred Heart, but artisans create Milagros with wings, on crosses, and also on saints, mirrors and furniture, etc.  If you are interested in larger pieces, please contact us and we can look around for you.  We also order custom pieces from a family in Santa Ana Chapitiro, which is in the Lake Patzcuaro region.

The milagros have typically been used in Catholic mysticism as a request for assistance with specific ailments, to get pregnant, for protection, to attract love, and so on.  These wonderful milagros are representations of many various miracles that are called for, making them a lovely gift for a housewarming, for someone struggling with illness, and certainly for practicing Catholics.  

Hearts:  There are a variety of heart milagros represented on these, including the sacred heart with the flame, and hearts with valves.  The hearts that look like the heart organ are specifically for heart disease, recovery from a heart attack, or any ailments connected to the heart organ.  The sacred heart represents a divine love and affinity for Jesus Christ, which is especially appealing for Christians.


Animals: Animals often represent domestication in connection with sustenance and healthy animals. Dogs reprsent loyalty. Lambs may represent the Bible.  Pigs represent sustenance, as pork is a mail meat-staple in Mexico, along with chickens.  Chickens and Hens are sacred, with Hens also representing motherhood.


Eyes: The Mexican Saint Santa Lucia is often depicted with two eyes, so the double-eye milagros represent her. Eyes are often used in prayer for protection over someone who is in need of protection, including the deceased. In the case of the deceased, eyes are to attract protection over their spirit.


Horsehoes: It was believed that iron could cast-off evil, and horseshoes were used in Ancient Greece and Christianity for good luck. They also represent fertility.


Guns: We are still researching what the gun means, as it seems an odd item for a milagro. It has been suggested that they represent protection.

Organs:  You will see lungs and kidneys on milagros, and these are associated with healing for ailments connected to these organs.

Body Parts:  As with the organs, the milagros representing arms, lets, feet, hands, etc are associated with healing for any ailments, pains or breaks associated with specific body parts.



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